3am the witching hour- strange things happened.

topic posted Tue, June 6, 2006 - 9:16 AM by  SYLVA
Hi everyone,

I am very new to this, but I just had an experience that has me a little nervous and scared. A few days ago, actually it was Sunday during the day, I was extremely tired from moving into my new home and I mean brand new, no one has ever lived there before. Anyways I fell asleep about 2:30pm I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I felt like someone pushed my feet to where I was in a fetal position, but on my back, I felt myself struggling and trying to pull my covers off me and whoever or whatever it was, had a hold of my feet and was telling "I have you now" I tried pulling and kicking and yelling my brother's name out twice and nothing. Shortly at about 4pm I woke up and I was a little weirded out, but ok. I didn't discuss this with anyone. So then last night I awoke at exactly 3am, I looked at my cell phone and yes it was 3am, I freaked out, I turned on lights and turned the volume up on my TV as well. I was so scared and I didn't fall back to sleep till 4:45am. Nothing happened, but I did get so scared. What is this??? I'm thinking I should go speak to a priest.
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    Sylvia, if talking to a priest is what would make you more comfortable, then maybe you should. However, in all liklihood what you have experienced is psychological in nature rather than supernatural. There are a number of things the brain can do in the sleep cycle that can cause a person psychological distress, and make them think something demonic is going on. A "night terror" is one example: This sounds a bit like what you expereinced.
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      It,s always possible for a psychological distress. If we are half awake and stuff like that. I remember panicking at similar things.
      But then, if that would have been the case, you wouldent bother to create this tread! Has the phenomenon occured more times?
      As for a ghost explanation i can think of two. First, it could be a visiting ghost, or something concected to the foundation. But then it would have no reason to act like it did. Are you familar with the subject astral projection? Im not sure if it,s possible to affect anything physical that way, but it could be a person having a out of body experience as they sleep. Then he/she visits you, aware or not aware.

      What could a priest do?? They dosent even believe in ghosts, it,s agains the bible. I would rather ask a drunk bum then a priest.
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        Also, it could be an spiritual assault, you might have interfeered into somone elses dream, and then they chase after you. I think it sounds really scary. I would sugest that you ward your home. There are many, many ways and rituals to do this. I sugest browsing the internet and read into it. There are treads in this tribe too to deal with it. Even if it,s a psychological phenomenon i think that the placebo effect of doing a ritual helps alot.
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    Sun, January 28, 2007 - 11:56 AM
    For two weeks now. my sister (43) has been awakend at 3:05am with noise with a voice staying to go and get her coffe. 6 weeks prior to this she had her fortune read by a coffe ground reader and in the coffee the f.t. saw jesus holding the sacred heart. She told her that she has a spiritual connection and needs to take this home.. Then 4 weeks later at 3:05 am every nite she is awakened by mucis/noise and a voice telling her to get her coffee. I actually thought she was loosing her mind, until I spent the nite and heard it myself. I couldn't believe it so I spent the nite last nite aswell. Like clockwork at 3:05am we were both awakened, but this time we couldn't understand what it was saying. We even had a voice activated recorder, but nothing was captured. Yesterday we did give the coffee cup back to the fortune teller and she still insists that it is a good spirit. We walked around the house and prayed in each room. The only thing left is having our pastor over to bless the house the proper way. I just wanted people to know about this. But if anyone has any solutions, please feel free to email me or post something.
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      Just my two cents

      Tue, January 30, 2007 - 6:27 AM
      When my Godfather suffered a stroke, i helped care for him for several years. It never failed that he needed assistance at two a.m. After his passing, I was visting the home they had relocated to in another state and for three nights in a row I was awakened from a deep sleep at two a.m. . I finally spoke out loud in the room that I was thrilled to be there and I missed him terribly, but he really needed to respect my need for sleep. I assured him I felt him there and was comforted and happy. I have visited several times since, and I feel him there always, but he has respected our boundaries. Threatening to flush his ashes down the toilet may have helped, but that was the relationship we had.....;)
  • Hi Sylvia,

    Have been through this myself, naturally these can be terrorfying experiences, I've found by making myself a hot drink say for instance a hot chocolate and eating something I like puts me back into a good mood, give this a try. Don't let this stuff bother you, before you go to sleep have a little prayer to whom you choose about being kept safe while you sleep. Another thing I feel is to make the time a good time so you are relaxed, burning lavendar oil helps calm the nerves, chamomile tea might be good too. Let us know if it works. Try contacting a spiritualist church, maybe having a word with someone there may help you, just an idea ........

  • I have experienced, what I consider to be attacks in the night for years, which became more frequent last year, almost every night or every other night. I haven't always checked the time in my fear and panic, but it was almost always around the 3am mark. The first thing I would know about it was a sudden waking caused by a pressure or feeling of something going down my throat quite forcefully, and then a moment when I would think I was going to die because I would choke from this blockage, so I would throw myself over the side of the bed and start coughing and retching and gasping. Then full conscious would arrive, and the apparent constriction would be gone, leaving me only with a racing heartbeat and a sense of fear and confusion. Since I have been working daily with angels to protect my myself before I sleep, I have had no more attacks, except for one night when I forgot to ask for my protection. The funny thing is though, the video recorder and dvd player are in the same room, on the far side, and I put them on standby when I go to sleep. But they have both started to turn themselves on at 3am! My solution is to pull the plugs out!
    • There are some relics and medallions that will protect you from this sort of thing.The shroud of turin being one I know of,I have not taken it off in five years because of the attacks I so frequently experienced.As lisa descibed the same for me happened but a little more intense like the choking, my hair being pulled, my skin being pinced, the crushing weight on my chest,however for me the times varied.I feel I have a fighting spirit and was always able to say prayers while in this state to fully awaken myself, but I looked for a better way of protection and coincidently since I have had the medallion on the attacks became almost obsolete.I to pray to the angels for protection which always helps.A good one to know of is Sandalphon,the angel of prayers.
  • You might find this very scary...

    3AM is the demonic witching hour. It's a way for demons to mock the holy trinity.
    It's inversion is 3PM.. the miracle hour.. Which is traditionally accepted as the hour of christ's death.

    See a priest. it might be the start of an excorcism.

    My older sister was posessed by Judas, a demon. and her first sign was consistantly waking up at 3AM. Because she was posessed by a demon.

    The above statement says that it is a way for demons to mock the holy trinity.

    She woke up at 3AM to mock the holy trinity..

    Good luck with everything and i hope it all gets together.

    -Tim of Long Island New York..

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