Physical Attack By Malevolent Entity

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Here is your chance to speak out. Have you ever come face to face by an evil or malevolent entity? You can choose to call it a demon, a poltergeist, whatever. Let's keep conjecture and flights of fancy outof this one. I am looking for people who have had REAL experiences that they have not yet been able to prove scientifically, however may still bear the marks of said attack, or may still believe those instances not only happened, but can happen again.

If curious, I will give you my example.
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  • very curious to hear your story. my son had something happen to him about a month ago, freaked the F out of him.
    • When I was 16, before I went to California for the summer, I had an attack in bedroom. No one in the house seemed to notice the screams. This beast was multi-jointed, vaguely resembling pumpkinhead. It grabbed me by the throat, yelled at me and lifted me off the ground. It then threatened me with pain eternal for daring to call them out. Then it threw me against the wall. I hit my hip. I have a scar still. It is called a heme deposit or some crap. I struck the wall so hard that my red blood cells separated. It's wierd, butit proves to me everyday that this truly happened. It was fightening and awesome.
      • what did the entity mean by "calling them out"?
        • well, I have many ideas, but no facts for sure. It's a very long, convoluted story, but basically, I was more 'in tune' with spirituality in those days and before.
          • Had you used a Ouja board prior to your attack?

            I've had things happen to me while in the meditation process (usually, this is when i experience astral projection). Nothing AS bad as your attack, but I've felt a dark presense on top of me and touching me. It was very violating.. I willed myself to snap out of it, but every time I tried to drift off (to sleep this time) it was back.

            I wondered if it was because I was doing alot of astral projection and I inadvertantly connected with something else.
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    I have a freaky story that happened to me about 14 years ago.

    I was in bed sort of half asleep and I hear this low hoarse voice telling me "you have no faith!!!". I told the voice, "Yes I do". It said it again but louder, I again disagree. Then a third time it yelled "NO YOU DON'T!!" . While it said this to me, A black fist, kind of shadow like, grabbed my shirt at my chest and jerked me to a sitting position! At this point I am wide awake!!! Still to this day I am not sure if it was a dream or real. The time : 3 am

    Anyhow my bed started to shake, or vibrate, very gently not violently. Almost at the point where you can blow it off as being in your head. But if you got off the bed and looked.... you could SEE it moving!! This went on for 7 days, it did not matter how much I prayed, it would not stop!! I could not sleep, and it did not matter where I tried to sleep. Then suddenly on the 7th day it stopped....

    (sorry about double posting but I thought this should go here too)
    • Many times, the feeling of vibration can be attributed to nervous muscles. The deal with the bed moving with you not on it is different. The time doesn't matter. That is more a psychological thing. Most likely, if you were visited, then the vistor took advantage of your unconcious belief in timing importance, and used it to frighten you more, and the entity was most likely just having some fun, and not really out to harm you physically. There is a prevalence of cultural beliefs in faeries and such. These beasties are typically just out to have fun and don't really care what kind of trauma they may leave you with.

      On the person who could feel the dark presence while faling asleep, there has been actual scientific studies done on that, and they found something quite interesting!

      Look at those! I am a scientist, and yet I KNOW there are things we cannot explain yet. I do believe that one day, we will be able to prove the existence of certain things and disprove the existance of others. They know HOW the body can create different heat signatures that are observed through Kirlian photography while a medium is in a trance, they just don't know WHY. Scientists have actual proof of a Faith Healing, but they can't explain why it works. They simply fall into the old saying Mind Over Matter. They may not be that far off. I am a firm believer that humans posses many abilities that we have suppressed for centuries.

      As for Ouija boards, I don't use them because I know too much psychology. When you have several minds working together, you can get some interesting results. First off, your magnetic energy fields become focused around your fingers. Each magnetic field works with and against each other. The real power of suggestion comes into play here as well. Minor muscle movements caused by increases or decreases in lactic acid can cause one's arm to move ever so slightly and with that, anyone else involved will feel the movement and the suggestion that it is moving on it's own is filtered into their brains, and then they concentrate on the movement. I could go on, but I am sure you are seeing where I am heading.

      I have spoken with ghosts, and non-human entities, and I never needed a focusing tool such as a boardgame. Proving the existance of ghosts will take a long long time, and lots of serious research, but so far, the only ones studying them are considered quacks and whackos. Give it time! One day, this too will be proven or disproven scientifically. As for me, I don't need any scientific proof, because for me I have personal experience. I feel no need to prove it to others.
      • I as well will share an experience that changed me forever.
        On a night in April 2005 soon after I had gone to bed, something strange happened to me that chilled the very core of my soul, I had just fallin to sleep on my queen size bed, far side facing the wall. I am a very light sleeper and therefore the slightest noise or movement will wake me. (classic conditioning do to my life lived) I then was awakened by something rather large crawling slowly on my bed. I didn't move and then suddenly my entire body every inch of me was weighted down. I felt totally paralyzed unable to even open my eyes. So I concentrated and finally was able to force myself up. I was completely alone in my apartment. I then sat there for a few minutes trying to rationalize what just happened. I then slightly tapped my cheeks to makes sure I was awake and laid back down facing the wall again, Yet as soon as I closed my eyes the samething happened. I felt it crawl on the bed again but this time much quicker. It was very large and then suddenly with much more force laid it's entire weight on me and right next to my ear, as if it's mouth were almost touching it I began to hear a low deep growl that got loader and anger, I mean I felt a surge of hate and anger rushing into me and then replaced by my own fear. It seemed to want in. I know that sounds crazy but that's what I felt. I then realized that I had to calm down because the more afraid I became, the louder and anger it became. I then concentrated on pushing it off with my mind. I then jolted up and I was shaking all over profusely and uncontrollably. I switched on all the lights in the whole place and turned the TV on to the weather channel and turned the volume up and I then said out load to what ever that was, to go away and leave me the hell alone because I know it can't hurt me. After a while I laid back down and finally I fell back asleep, but since then I haven't been able to get the sound of that growling out of my head. What do you think that was. I thought a lot about it and it really freaks me out. Because I felt so much evil in what ever it was. So much hate and evil, that's the only way I can explain it. It hasn't happened to me since, but every time I go to bed that experience crosses my mind and sends chills up my spine.. I avoid the fear of it because I feel if I actually feared it then it would return and feed on my fear.
        Is something trying to scare me or threaten me, I've been working on mastering my emotional perception and understanding I'm glad because it helped me out.
  • when I was around 13 maybe younger, I was sitting in bed listening to the radio and reading. I had very bad insomnia then and it was early morning, around 2:45am or so. the lights were on in my room and I could see street lights and the porch light outside my window. my closet door and the door to my room were open. suddenly I got very scared and felt like something was watching me. a weird thuding pulse started getting louder and a creeping blackness started to invade my room I remember no longer seeing the lights out side my window or hearing the radio. needless to say I pulled the covers over my head and prayed to Mary. I had the distinct feel that the room was entirely engulphed in darkness. I'm not sure how long this lasted and besides scareing tme half to death no real harm was done. it was, however not a friendly thing.
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    I have never really been attacked, but on two separate occassions (about 3 years ago) I had a presence ly on top of my back while I was drifting off to sleep. I vary rarely fall asleep in this position. I am a side sleeper. I know that I was not fully asleep because I could smell very strong cigarrette smoke in my room (both times). No one in my home smokes. I was home alone on both occassions and could not call out for help. All I remember is saying in my mind, "No, you are not welcome here." I had to repeat it in my mind a few times before I felt the presence lift.

    Just a few months ago, I was drifting off to sleep. I could here my daughter typing on the computer and could see the light was on in our computer room. I felt a presence kneeling at the side of my bed. I opened my eyes and saw a shadow (my room was dark) of what I thought was my 12 year old son, Jacob. I said "Jacob, what is wrong...what do you need? Are you sick?" I reached out my hand to touch his forehead to see if he had a fever. When I reached out my hand, the presence grabbed my hand very forcefully and in a very deep, frightening voice replied "I am not Jacob." I knew that I was not completely asleep, but yet could not fully wake myself up. It is very hard to explain. I was really struggling to pull myself away from the grasp. My daughter heard me crying. I could hear her from the other room asking "Mom, what's wrong?" When I didn't answer and she heard me continuing to cry, she ran into my room and turned on the light. As soon as she flipped on the light switch, the presence was gone and I was completely awake. FREAKED me and my daughter out!

    Now, before going to sleep every night, I tell whatever spirits may be lurking around, that they are not welcome in my home. Seems to be working and I am finding it easier to fall asleep. I was very frightened after all three experiences.
  • When I was very young, maybe 8 or 9, I lived in a brand new house built in FL. I had watched the house come together from the ground up, and far as anyone knew, the land was clear of graveyards, ghosts, or anything weird. Just a suburban subdivision. I was still terrified of the dark, always had been, and so I still slept with a night light.

    I remember feeling restless that night, I had been laying for hours with my eyes wide opened, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. My door was ajar--I cant recall why--and in spite of that the air felt thick and heavy, and just under the level of hearing, there seemed to be a sort of...humming in the room. It was so subtle and happened so slowly it wasnt until I thought back that I noticed the change from the time I lay down until then, but it kept me tense, keyed, and in a sort of state of low grade fear--almost like an anxiety in that way you'll notice them and then shove them to the background, but not anxious, real fear. It was all so very subtle, very slow.

    Then, in the middle of complete stillness, I heard footsteps scuff in the doorway three times. I could see perfectly, nothing was there, but the sound was unmistakable--I'd HEARD it. I was sitting straight up, in a panic, terrified to move or stay because I couldnt see it. I only had the sense it was walking up the bed, walking towards my head, and I knew, KNEW beyong the shadow of a doubt it was going to kill me. My mother had told me how to fight off entities that attack--we often discussed the paranormal, but I didnt know at the time we had that discussion that she got attacked too, and often. She said that when they came, she said the Lord's Prayer to chase them away. Later I learned the prayer is old, older, maybe, than Christianity, and maybe that's why it worked. It wasnt faith, I mean, I believed in God, but I never had any illusions he liked me, and I HATED Christianity. Mom is very Christian, I am very not.

    However, my mind was a panic and a blank, and then suddenly, that thought rose out of it like a sudden stab of clarity, and I seized it and said it. Halfway up my bed, there was sudden mad scuffling, like something trapped, moving around in a sudden sprung cage and trying to get out. I got mental images of a long, thin, impossibly tall creature, lanky and grey and knobbily at the joints trapped under something small, trying desperately to get out, and then it was just...gone.

    It was odd. I thought about panicking, knew I should panic, even tried to provoke fear for a couple moments thinking on it, but all I felt was...peace. The next day I panicked, and stayed that way for a very long time after, but that night all I did was turn over and drop off straight to sleep.

    That was my attack. I have occasionally woken up with unexplained bruises, and once what looked for all the world to be a bite mark on my inner thigh, but nothing quite like that has ever happened again. I dont know, maybe I taste bad.
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    I have been attacked by an entity or two in my day, both under meditative conditions.. which could be explained by sleep paralysis, yes. However, I have also experienced sleep paralysis symptoms without the "attacks" several times. The attacks could also be chalked up to auditory, visiual, and physical hallucinations. One could always speculate whether these types of experiences could be explained by such things. Or, one could speculate in another direction. In these two cases, I choose to speculate toward the unexplained and paranormal realm. Since I am the one with the direct experience, I think I am qualified in this case. I leave room for possibility of other explaination of course.

    Another experience I had I am not so sure. I could have been a paranormal experience, however I was extremely sleepy at the time.. not simply meditating like before.. I lean more toward hallucination on that one - or lucid dreaming.

    2 cents.
    • i've seen... shadow's from long past. some personal and some societal difficulties that were overcome...

      but sometimes the shadows remain... they are interesting, and a memory of successes and triumph of the spirit.... but one shouldn't give them any of your power now... they are only memories...

      two that come up often now are the civil war conflict and the WWII conflict... spirits locked in these times do need to be freed, know that the conflict is over... know that their family loves them...

      but don't get stuck in the past with this 'fear' beast... the conflict was resolved and it's time to come home. the fear was vanquished... it must be released now... don't hold on to it.

      huggs... d'ner :)
  • I have had a demon or whatever it was attack me in my first apartment. I had fell asleep on the couch but I was aware of the place like kind of inbetween sleep and awake but i was paralyzed. The water in my bathroom right beside me was coming on and going off at full force the sink and the bathtub. I was terrified but I got up and walked into the bathroom and turned the water off.( I thought i was imagining things until I actually seen the water pouring out) anyway, I turned around after bending over to shut the bathtub off and there stood this 7 foot tall thing i don't know it was dark green and had claws I can't remember the face, the thing i remember most was that it was breathing very heavily to where its body heaved with its breath and it stared at me, it reached up to slash me with it's claws and the next thing i know i am back on the couch struggling to rise up i was finally able to sit up and wasn't sure what had happened but i was so terrified that i just left. I think i did really get up and turn the water off but i left my body on the couch.
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    I have a few interesting experiences relating to this... I mean, I've always remembered unexplained noises, smells, and figures, as far as I can remember. It stopped bothering me a long time ago. In about 2004, I was dead alseep, and a voice woke me from the dead sleep saying "I have come for your soul." As far as feeling anything climb on the bed or anything... I didn't feel anything liek that. What I did feel was... the only way to explain it was a sort of numbness in my arms as I tried to move them. I also had a picture of what, to my mind, looked like a living, talking creature made of lightning. It felt like it was trying to enter through my head, and force it's way into my heart and soul from there. As far as I can determine, I fought it off... however, supernatural entities fight battles far differently than we think of. For example, it might do that to get inside... then it sits in a corner, and gestates... sometimes it's limited in what it can do because of how strong a person's will is, sometimes it just wants to want until the time is ripe, so to say... where a break down will affect you more than before. Now, I say that, because, recently, I had an experience with a person who attacked me through supernatural/paranormal means. It was interesting because... the avenues she attacked me thruogh, where always there in my mind, and I had explored them and poked at them on my own... I just did not realize what I was doing, thoguh. When she attacked me, I understood how she did it, and I began to understand things like... well, like, those inner voices you always argue with... every person always argue with... those aren't your voice. The interesting thing is, this person that attacked me, this witch, for lack of a better term... she did not understand how open I already was. Furthermore, she did not realize that I am a born again christian. She struggled to impose her will over me, and had to wear me down... when she had me to where I had barely sleep for 2 weeks, and barely ate... too many doors opened, and I was forced into a trance that I could not pull myself out of, and was subject to knowledge that I wasn't able to pull away from.
    What I learned was that... if it wasn't for Jesus, and, through Him, God, I would have been lost, despite how strong my will was.
    Now, I know exactly what most of you are thinking right now... but, let me tell you more of what I learned. Good christians are meant to suffer while they are on this earth. That's what it says, repeatedly, in the bible. It also says that God won't give you more temptation that you can handle. Now, if you pray to God every day (especially the Lord's prayer. The power in that prayer is that... in saying it, you are completely giving up your stake in the physical world, and admiting that God is the only way) and read the bible, it's as if... you are arming yourself, spiritually. You don't have to believe in God if you don't want to... if you read the bible, and understand exactly what it is trying to say, that knowledge is more than enough to defeat most paranormal attacks. The problem is... people seem to forget that they are mortal. Paranormal existences are not. They can wait for you to have a moment of weakness, and slip in. If you have faith in Jesus, and, through Him, God, God is there for when you fail.
    Now, I'm not saying that praying to God and Jesus for protection will make you have a safe, non-scary life... in this life, you are meant to suffer, at least, according to the bible. What I am saying is that, basically, by just giving yourself up to God, you don't need to be scared about the other things those beings coudl do to you... the things they coudl do to your soul.
    Three months ago, I would never have typed what I just typed. However, as I am sure most of you all well know, things happen, and insights are gained. *shrug*
    Oh, as far as spirits and all that go... be careful, because even sensitive people are still of the flesh, and are prone to mistakes... I mean, another name for a demon is a legion... and, the reason why that is, is because demons like to make you feel out numbered, and often pretend to be more than just one being. Furthermore, compassion is a mssive weakness, as well as a great strength... it gives things ways in.
    Oh, and as far as witches go... you shouldn't worry abuot a person who claims to be a witch, unless they have either eaten part of their body, or part of someone elses body. In biblical references... that is the same as eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. One thing you never want to do, is eat flesh from another human, or from yourself, in a ritual to gain knowledge. I'd say, just avoid eating it all together. But, it is true that witches don't attack you in the body, but in the spirit... mainly, in dreams. Some witches are very compassionate... but, even still, they have one major problem... they feel they have a right to deny people free will. Whenever you start denying other peopel free will, you not only damn your own soul, but you draw the attention of some really powerful stuff. The things that make those other things look liek kittens. The things that, when they focus on you... not even communicate, but notice you... well, I don't need to explain that any further, to those that do know. And those that don't... just say the Lord's prayer, and read the bible. Or, if you don't want to believe, then jsut read the bible... and rememebr the wisdom in it. it does work, and it works very well.
  • Well I have never been attacked but scared out of my mind. I first came face to face with whatever it was in the shed out back. We were playing hide and go seek and so I hide in the shed. When I went in and shut the door I turned around and saw it. I stood still for a few moments unable to move and then once I regained control of my self I started screaming and ran out. Well needles to say my brother both tagged me and asked me what happened. I pointed at the shed and said someone is in there. Well every one was out of hiding and ran over and my oldest brother and his friend trying to be tough decided to see and confront who ever I saw. But of course when they went in nobody was there. Well of course they all laughed at me. I knew then it was a ghost or something because I had seen them before but this one was different in that it seemed somehow bad.

    Well sometime had passed when I saw this thing again. I was in my room and I wanted to open the window because my step mom had the heater on. I went to open the blinds and there he was just standing there. I am not good at describing things but he just stood there smiling at me but it was an evil smile, you could really tell in the eyes. I was frozen to move or scream. He did not move to run away or reach out to grab me. I finally started backing up and fell off my bed, then got up and ran to the door, but I looked back and he was still there watching. Of course he was not there when my Dad ran outside to get the guy. But my dad concluded that I made it up because he did not see any evidence of anyone there and I did not argue because I knew it was a ghost. It was the same ghost and I saw it many more times, but I only saw him outside he never came in the house but I never went outside alone at night if I did not have too. I eventually learned to recognize the feeling when I sensed him and would just stay away from windows and doors which was hard in my dad’s house since he had big windows.

    The thing for me is that I have seen but mostly felt spirits, most I sense are good or maybe just lost not sure and some I can feel are just not good, but it always scares me half to death either way. Even as an adult I stil sense them and I wish I did not.
  • Hello Wendy, My wife and I are both senistive and have been stalked by entities over the years. Years ago in a door window to my wife but did not engage her in any way. While I can't say this one had bad intent it did startle her and later that day opened a door in our kitchen. A more sinister encounter involved the both od us going out for coffee one night. We met after my work in separate vehicles and afterwards got into our respective vehicles to go home. A feeling of anxiety had come over me when she was leaving as I had an irrational sense that I should wait until her car was moving like I felt some danger was hanging over her but I couldn't put my finger on what (same kind of thing happened a few days before 911) I left in front of her and she was right behind me. We took different routes home and met in front of our house from different directions. She screeched to a halt and got out first freaking out like the van was full of spiders of something. She was near hysterics saying something was in the back seat plaing with her hair as she drove in the dark. She would check over her shoulder to see if there was someone there , she could see a car behind her on the highway but no one in the van. The rear view mirror showed no reflection of the car behind her . Completely black! After she pulled off the higheay into town it stopped lifting her hair and the rear view reflection returned. I have read that non reflection is a classic sign of presence. In her panicky state she wa a danger to herself as well as anybody on the highway so I would class this as a bad encounter. One other encounter involved me going over to a neighbors house and checking it as a house sitter. It was at night and I walked into the kitchen. As I walked past the door to the garage it opened and I could feel something forcing its way into my mind. Truthfully the attack was so beniegn I wasn't aware of what was happening until I read of the phenomena. I don't question violent attacks but it should be interesting to note many people are attacked and aren't aware of whats actually happening. If the attack I just related is the worse they can do do me then they are more of a nusiance than a actual threat.
    • Would you be willing to entertain the idea that there are no such thing as "malevolent entities?"
      • I'm assuming the question was for Wendy but throwing my two cents in I'ld say a certain amount of encounters are spirits of departed people. In those instances these people are caught between worlds and don't understand what's happened to them. Whether they do or don't doesn't change the fact that they still have emotions and those emotions can be volatile. Even under those circumstances I have read that ghosts have little or no ability to manipulate the physical enviroment . Minor things like slamming doors in anger and such. A visit to an older friend's house is a typical example of what I've encountered. I went upstairs to put my clothes in a room and dress for a swim. As I was undressing I saw an elderly woman glaring at me from a corner of the room. I felt the angry emotions she was projecting to me. "Who are you? How dare you come in here! Get out of my house!" It was his deceased wife from two years previous. She hadn't let go and moved on. If what I've read is on the level than violent encounters are not deceased people venting their spleen but something far more insidious and powerful. Again part of my opinion is based on theory rather than experience. On a final note whatever is behind violent attacks I would prefer to read about them and not experience them.
        • This is all subjective interpretation of perceived stimuli. It hasn't got a whole lot to do with real research.
          • Yes you are quite right. You questioned the existence of malevolent entities. Please elaborate.
            • I can't speak for Micky but I have asked on other threads just what any of this has to do with "Paranormal Research"

              This thread like most others here is more about validation than understanding. Micky's question that has not been answered is will one entertain the possibility that there are no malevolent entities?

              If one can not face the possibility that their assumptions are wrong then what is the point.

              Research requires a careful examination of fact not a repeating of anecdotal evidence ad nauseam.
              • While the posting on this thread may have little to do with "The Scientific Method" I would like to relate to you how in 1993 a Navajo Indian reservation began experiencing mysterious deaths. The victims all appeared to develope flu like symptoms and young men and women in their 20's and 30's, in the prime of health were drowning as their lungs filled with fluids. This virulent pathogen was begining to break containment and the "Disease Cowboys" from Atlanta quickly moved in to try and isolate and identify it. Time was of the essence as the best people in the world using our most advanced science tried to isolate the virus, determine its genetic characteristics, resevoir and transmission vectors. We now know that the "Hantavirus" has likely been in some rodent species long before humans came to the new world. In 1992, one year preceding the outbreak the world experienced El Nino resulting in heavier than usual rains in the American midwest. As a result the deer mice population exploded tenfold resulting in this outbreak. What is realy astounding here is the "Disease Cowboys" were so focused on the science they completely overlooked a clue that could have saved them precious time in their race to understand what they were dealing with. Navajo sand art quite often chronicles their history much like the "oral tradition" of all "First Nations People" The sand art starts from the center progressively telling a story as it moves to larger outer rings. It was in one of these a story is told of heavy rains resulting in lush vegetation, followed by plagues of mice. The outer ring shows young men and women dead or dying. Anthropologists say when a people move into a new land it takes about 5000 years for them to learn plant medicine and Fauna patterns. Though ancient Navajo society didn't know what a virus was they cetainly were aquainted with disease and had learned through experience of the relationship between weather, mice and sickness. Humbley I submit to you that all who bring stories of personal experience to scientific forum help amass a wealth of information and from that information though it can't be weighed or measured some useful clues might be gleened. We need all the help we can get. In response to the question posed earlier "yes" there may be no malevolent entities. We are all humble students simply want to understand.
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    Yea...its happened. It was my fault. As a teen, I was interested in the occult.. in the power of ME, the power of the mind..etc etc. Since this is a simple question, I will stick to the topic. If I had the space, my friends, you would not believe what my life has endless series of supernatural/un-natural happenings and experiences...before of the malefic type..and now as a believer in Christ as the Redeemer of this world, the beautiful ones. Anyways.,back to my experience. As I have said..I was involved in the "dark side" though I didnt know it. One afternoon..I was laying/sitting on my bed. I had the most un-easy feeling something was not right. I couldnt shake it matter how I tried. I know now that my soul/spirit was sensing something,,because I believe that our spirit senses the spirits...either bad or good. So after a while, I KNEW it COMES!! It was next to me.. it jumped on top of me, grabbed me by my shirt,,shook me, and let me go. Its face was as close to mine as possible without touching..It all happened within a second. I never saw him with my eyes..but I knew EXACTLY what "it" looked like. I somehow sensed its appearance. It was short, about 3 ft. tall, its head was about 2-3 times the size of mine. It had only 2 features.. 2 HUGE dark black eyes..(like the ones they show on aliens), and a mouth that extended from side to side..almost wrapping to the back of the head. ...huge huge teeth. It left me shaken and only by the grace of My Lord,,,have I been set free. They are real.. my friends. Turn to his love and mercy. Its never too late.
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    My life started out as a near death exp.When i was born my lungs were frozen and i have had asthma ever since.I have also been followed since birth and i have had ALOT of n,d,e, from a Malevolent Entity my most recent attack happened in feb 2011,when i woke up barely breathing and feeling like something was sitting on my chest and choking me (my neck was hurting for three days after)i have read some of the letters people have posted on this blog and i can very much relate to them but i feel in my case it is much worse, Espeacially when this thing is starting to attack my fiance now because we are apart(im in fl shes in missouri)i very much need some help because this thing will not stop.i am looking for a grey witch.
  • Im all for psycology and the good it does in the vast majority of cases.
    There are however instances that are, and will remain for the time being, unexplainable.
    Ive been attacked twice in two months in our new home, the first instance was a mere three days after moving in.

    I have tolerated minor scratches that I cant explain for most of my adult life. Ive learned to just keep quite about them.

    Having said that the last two attacks were quite bad.

    I now video or photograph any episodes that leave marks and have learned to grab a camera as soon as I feel that "burning sensation"
    ....If youve been attacked, Im sure you know what I mean.

    I filmed last nights (8.11.11) attack and combined the footage with the prev incidents photographs.

    This happened to me last night and indeed, it was the second occurance in two months
    of a physical attack that quite literaly ripped me up.

    My Fiancee was laying on the bed next to me when it happened....and I bear the scars, bruises and bites.

    Science would tell me that my anecdotal evidence counts for nothing....its not repeatable phenom that occurs to a calender

    This I also understand....thats the system. It does not invalidate the reality of the situation I and others like me face, potentialy for the rest of our lives.

    If you have taken the 8mins to watch the video, I thank you and invite discussion with a mind to finding " REAL" answers


    Paul John McLeod
  • Hello Wendy, I'm so relieved to have found this post. Something is attacking my son - he has not been able to sleep for over a week. It is consuming our lives as I am afraid to leave him alone. We are both intelligent and logical people. As others have posted, he experiences the pulling\holding him down and we have both heard the growling noise. It now continually bites\pokes him and feels as if it is crawling over his body and drawing energy from him like a leach (he says it feels snake or tentical like. It pushes up from the bottom of the couch.

    I feel so helpless in trying to help him. Whom can we contact for help that will not think we are crazy. It is getting more and more aggressive.
    Please help.
    • K
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      Re Mickey:
      'Would you be willing to entertain the idea that there are no such thing as "malevolent entities?"'

      From a mystical standpoint, the arbitrary rejection of other dimensions of existence is just plain dumb. That is the muggle opinion or dogma.
      That is like deaf people saying there is no such thing as music.

      Buddhist teachings make it very clear that there are hell realm beings, hungry ghosts, gods and so forth. That is standard Mahayana Buddhism taught all over Asia.

      The Tibetan born guru and yogi/ mystic teacher Namkhai Norbu, a western university professor, has a booklet in which he classifies and discusses spirits into eight categories. And his basic practice test, the Tun book, has several practices for removing environmental disharmony, purifying psychic negativity, and subjugating spirits, which I will not discuss.

      The standard Buddhist protector Vajrapani handles such problems, and my Tribe article on Vajrapani has now been viewed over 2000 times.

      I have received no physical harm nor marks from any spirit.
      But I am a Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor.
      And Buddhists and Hindus alike know that there are in fact killing curses.

      If an Asian mystic attacks someone with a killing curse, then that mystic, although a flesh and blood person, is a malevolent entity. And that mystic is no doubt calling upon a deity or dark angel, i.e. a malevolent psychic entity. Mickey of course would not understand this simple statement, but it is straightforward. The bloodthirsty murderers of the Islamic State and of Boko Haram ( Nigeria ) are malevolent entities. So were the Nazis. These are real people, and they are evil. The communist leaders Pol Pot and Stalin were malevolent entities. So is any living, breathing psychopath.

      Once in a while it has happened that a Buddhist teacher fights another Buddhist teacher, or a non Buddhist teacher, with magic. It's rare, but it does happen. One Buddhist teacher Ra Lotsawa in Tibet did in fact kill another Buddhist teacher with black magic and this incident is well known to Tibetans.

      The great mountain yogi Milarepa killed about thirty relatives at once with black magic, to prevent his mother from committing suicide. He then made a hailstorm destroy two fields of crops, and soon after turned away from combat magic altogether to become a mountain hermit yogi. Every Tibetan knows the story, and most believe it.

      I was attacked in 1984 in a very serious but non-physical way. What freed me from danger was receiving a large set of tantric Buddhist transmissions which included the protectors Vajrapani, Simhamukha, and Black Manjusri. I then completed one million recitations of Vajrapani.

      I was attacked again this year while asleep. While asleep I immediately began to recite Vajrapani, then began to wake up, and in a mostly sleep state recited wrathful Guru Padmasambhava for four or more hours, I woke up entirely refreshed and relaxed.

      Guru Padmasambhava is the great wizard-yogi who established the Buddhist teaching in Tibet over one thousand years ago. He subjugated many local spirits and sorcerers there.

      I know a Buddhist practitioner who just emailed me to say that they are doing 48 hours nonstop Padmasambhava mantra. I cannot say more about that person's situation. Spiritual practice is private.

      There is combat magic in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. There are dark forces in Hinduism such as the attendants of Lord Shiva, and I will not give the mantra for that Shiva practice, as it is too dangerous and powerful. I am told that there are many Taoist temples in Taiwan that basically offer the services of dark forces to those who are willing to risk that engagement, but I do not have any further information on these.

      I am a druid-class Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor, and individually trained and licensed Buddhist guru. My general advice for those who face spirit harm but lack affinity with the Buddhist teaching is to do Ganapati ( Hindu Elephant Headed God ) practice. Anyone can do basic Ganapati mantra without initiation and I have written on this also.

      Ganapati is a general practice for "Removing obstacles". That includes environmental negativity and psychic attack by humans or non-humans.

      From the standpoint of Buddhist ethics, all Voodoo is black magic because it is blood magic. Any spirit that requires blood sacrifice is a negative spirit. I have studied three books by practitioners of Voodoo/ West African magic. This is completely incompatible with Buddhist practice.

      Do not dare to approach any Buddhist temple if you do Voodoo. And do not approach me. My protector practices and guardians will necessarily fight anyone who does Voodoo if we speak for more than a few moments. A voodoo priest gets ten seconds to move away from me, even though I am very polite and obligingly shook the hands of one at a restaurant a few months back. He was black and I did not want to appear racist. But technically that physical contact was still a very severe contamination for me.

      I can recommend Buddhist mantras that require no Buddhist commitments, but Hindu Ganapati is a good way to go.

      This is a very technical subject, and like medicine, requires individual case-taking. I have been currently the primary witch doctor for someone who suffered severe psychic trauma for far too long. Again I can say nothing about this except that the situation turned around and the client was freed from severe danger, although not out of daily suffering. I found the case terrifying, and it required a lot of work. The client did a lot better, all due to Buddhist blessings and practices.

      As far as the malevolent demons of the Islamic State, I can do nothing about that. I recommend 500 pound bombs dropped from airplanes. That usually cures psychopathic monotheist murderers. although it is harsh medicine. Generally speaking, a Taliban jihadi ( Islamic fighter ) or ISIL jihadi or Boko Haram jihadi will go straight to hell at the time of death. We just need to speed up the process a little.

      This is sufficient to get you to square one.

      My teaching listings/ articles have been read over 100,500 times, of which 80,000 views are for Buddhist teachings. You can read these listings too.

      Here is a protective blessing chant for Guru Padmasambhava:

      Remembrance Guru Rinpoche 45 Minute version

      You have been helped.

      May All Beings Benefit!


      Expecto Patronum! Ganesha / Ganapati "Lord of Obstacles" / The Elephant Headed God, Propitiated by mantra to remove obstacles.

      Keywords : magic, patronus charm, guardian angels, mysticism, occult technology, shamanism, dealing with obstacles & bad vibes & tough astrological transits, Defense Against The Dark Arts, nature spirits, animal totems, power animals, Ganapati the Elephant Headed God, mantra, astrological mantras, mantra music, Hinduism, Buddhism, Buddhist guardian angels & dralas & werma.

      Summary: This is a short self-contained teaching article on Ganapati deity yoga practice which includes good introductory background, a substantial set of mantras and other practice resources including multimedia links. It is written to provide help for those going through tough times and situations in a period of great change and psychic difficulty.


      Vajrapani ( Buddhist Angel of Power & Protection ) Empowerment and Teaching (Australia)
      2020 views since posting on Saturday, September 14, 2013

      Keywords: Meditation, guardian angels, Buddhism, Yoga, Mantra, inner healing, Shao Lin Temple, pagan mysticism, Tantra, Vajrayana, Vajrasattva, Vajrapani mantra + sadhana, psychic protection, Medicine Buddha teachings.
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        The following is a powerful mantra of purification and associated scripture excerpt of the teaching held by Vajrapani.

        Excerpt from
        Sutra of the Whole-Body Relic Treasure Chest Seal Dharani
        The Heart Secret of All Tathagatas
        Translated from Sanskrit into Chinese in the Tang Dynasty
        by The Tripitaka Master Amoghavajra from India


        Vajrapani and other Bodhisattvas also shed tears. Twirling his vajra in glowing flames, he came to the Buddha. He asked, “World-Honored One, through what causes and conditions does this radiance manifest? Why did the Tathagata’s eyes shed these tears? And why do Buddhas [in worlds] in the ten directions emit vast auspicious light? I pray that the Tathagata will resolve my bewilderment.”

        The World-Honored One replied to Vajrapani, “This great treasure pagoda of accumulated whole-body relics of Tathagatas contains innumerable kotis of the heart dharanis, the secret seal of the essentials of the Dharma of all Tathagatas. Vajrapani, because of the essentials of the Dharma contained in it, the pagoda has become tiered seamlessly like sesame seeds. The bodies of 100,000 koti Tathagatas are also like sesame seeds. Contained in the pagoda is the accumulation of the whole-body relics of 100,000 koti Tathagatas and even the store of 84,000 Dharmas. Also contained in it are 99 billion koti Tathagata-crowns. Because of these wondrous things, the site of this pagoda has superb, awesome virtue and serves as a spiritual testament. It can fill the entire world with auspicious events.”
        . . .

        Vajrapani asked, “Through what causes and conditions has this Dharma such superb virtue?”
        The Buddha replied, “Because of the spiritual power of this Treasure Chest Seal Dharani.”

        Vajrapani said, “I pray that the Tathagata, out of compassion for us all, will pronounce this dharani.”
        The Buddha responded, “Hearken, contemplate, and do not forget it! The radiance of the copies of the bodies of all Tathagatas of the present and the whole-body relics of all Buddhas of the past are contained in this Treasure Chest Seal Dharani. The three bodies of every Tathagata are also in it.”

        Then the Buddha pronounced the dharani [ sacred recitation for accomplishment ] :

        namas tryadhvikanam sarva tathagatanam |
        om bhuvi-bhavana-vare vacana-vacati |
        suru suru dhara dhara |
        sarva tathagata dhatu dhare padmam bhavati |
        jaya vare mudre |
        smara tathagata dharma-cakra pravartana vajre bodhimanda-alamkara-alamkrte |
        sarva tathagata-adhisthite |
        bodhaya bodhaya bodhi bodhi budhya budhya |
        sambodhani sambodhaya |
        cala cala calantu sarva-avaranani |
        sarva papa vigate |
        huru huru sarva soka vigate |
        sarva tathagata hrdaya vajrini |
        sambhara sambhara |
        sarva tathagata guhya dharani mudre |
        bhute subhute |
        sarva tathagata-adhisthita dhatu garbhe svaha |
        samaya-adhisthite svaha |
        sarva tathagata hrdaya dhatu mudre svaha |
        supratisthita stupe tathagata-adhisthite huru huru hum hum svaha |
        om sarva tathagatosnisa dhatu mudrani sarva tathagata sadhatu vibhusita-adhisthite hum hum svaha ||

        After the Buddha finished reciting this spiritual mantra, all the Buddha-Tathagatas in the pile of earth voiced their praises: “Very good! Very good! Sakya the World-Honored One, You have appeared in this turbid, evil world to expound the profound Dharma for the benefit of sentient beings that have nothing and nobody to depend upon. Therefore, the essentials of the Dharma will long remain in the world, bringing wide, abundant benefits and joyful peace.”

        Then the Buddha told Vajrapani, “Hearken! Hearken! The essentials of this Dharma have inexhaustible spiritual power and boundless benefits! It is like a wish-fulfilling jewel atop a cylindrical banner, constantly raining down treasures and fulfilling all wishes. . . .

        The Buddha then said to Vajrapani, “I now entrust this secret spiritual mantra and this sutra to you all. Revere, protect, uphold, and disseminate them in the world. Do not allow the transmittal [of the Dharma] to end for sentient beings.”

        Vajrapani said, “I am honored to receive the trust of the World-Honored One. I pray only that we will requite the World-Honored One for his profound grace, day and night protecting, upholding, disseminating, and pronouncing [the mantra and the sutra] to the world. If there are sentient beings that copy, uphold, and remember them unceasingly, we will command the Brahma-kings, the god-king Sakra, the four great god-kings, and the eight classes of Dharma protectors to protect them day and night without leaving even temporarily.”

        The Buddha said, “Very good! Vajrapani, for the benefit of all sentient beings of the future, protect and uphold this Dharma, and make it endless.”


        Sarva mangalam! Siddhi rastu!

        • K
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          I have looked into two cases, one on the East Coast, and one in California.

          The East Coast case was 2014, a man who contacted me by Tribe mail because of continuing psychic horror.
          He had done lots of drugs and engaged in black magic. He may also have been involved with criminal activity.

          The West Coast case was relatively recent. I will say almost nothing about it due to client confidentiality.

          In both cases a range of approaches were recommended, including acupuncture, kundalini yoga pranayama and Tibetan Buddhist transmissions and teachers.

          In the first case, many attempts to provide resources and help failed. The East Coast man was unwilling to actually try anything I recommended, even after several months. He failed to go to a Tibetan one week mantra retreat. He decided to back to shamanic plant medicines ( e.g. ayahuasca ), and that was the last I heard from him.

          In the second case, the client quickly bought flower essence remedies, some books I recommended, and began doing some specific mantra practices I recommended based on a major transmission already received but not understood.

          At my recommendation this individual took two more major transmissions on the West Coast and began a strong daily practice of mantra.

          Some months later I was able to provide a set of magical healing charms ( fu charms ) from one of the greatest spiritual masters on the planet, Grandmaster LU Sheng Yen, my teacher since 1983. Grandmaster LU has several million students, almost all Chinese. He has written over two hundred books and is renowned as one of the greatest of all Taoist and Buddhist mystics in the world today.

          The fu paper charms ( two of which were burned into ash and stirred into hot tea water ) provided immediate relief and the release of a number of old issues of various kinds. I had requested fu paper charms for two other people over the years, and seen profound results for healing due to the fu paper charms.

          At this point the pain and trauma were still extremely severe but the client was doing far better than before. There had been enormous suffering and an ongoing sense of extraordinarily severe psychic violation for several years, the kind that would break almost anyone, including a battle-hardened soldier.

          So after some months I felt secure that the main crisis was past. I had provided texts and teachings and encouragement and some strategy.
          One of the main strategies was to obtain a tantric Buddhist transmission to authorize the practice of Vajrakilaya, the Diamond Dagger. This was possible in a few months, and also personal help was obtained from that lama in the form of Chod blessings.

          It became clear to me that there was in fact a specific kind of attacker, which is called a "death spirit". So the idea was to apply some tantric Buddhist practices, such as Vajrakilaya ( and anything else that seemed helpful ) to clobber the death spirit. I was very far removed geographically, and so could not provide blessings in person. But I spent a fair amount of time on the phone and also consulted by email.

          It took quite a few months of Tibetan protector practice ( and the fu charms ) to crack the case. Even then it was only mostly resolved, and serious problems continued. Some months later a non-Buddhist shaman in that locale ( of whom I know nothing ) was able to provide personal help and somehow draw away the death spirit in significant increments.

          Acupuncture was not tried. Hindu mantra ( and a short Hindu retreat ) was found useful. World wide transmissions ( webcasts ) from the Tibetan master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu were found to be greatly helpful and gave immediate relief.

          The main things that helped were the ( multiple ) Buddhist transmissions, Buddhist mantra, the fu charms, my personal support and teaching, and the local shaman. And a fierce commitment to not throw in the towel.

          The client has been able to recover most of their functioning. Remarkably, the client was able to stay lucid during even the most dangerous parts of this attack and trauma over many months, where few could. It is quite likely tho that without high level help and sustained personal help from this Buddhist teacher / witch doctor, the client would have done the obvious thing and given up altogether some months ago.

          I would again like to thank Grandmaster LU Sheng-Yen, and Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, and two other major Buddhist gurus for their personal help in this most grave and long term crisis.

          The situation was stabilized after a period of months and by serious application of some high powered practices, the problem was reduced to the level of a major annoyance. Any by comparison, that is a real holiday. The word I get is that the death spirit is about 80% gone.

          The death spirit was very unhappy to deal with Buddhist protector mantras, and said so quite frequently, but the death spirit also got some blessings and benefit from these practices and at various times was calmed or pacified by the Buddhist mantras. In other words, fierce Buddhist mantra caused the bad guy to shut up repeatedly and to progressively weaken.

          The bad guy was the most stubborn I have ever heard of. Taking responsibility for this case was a far greater challenge and responsibility than I could have expected. It was far more difficult due to happening far away where I could not provide direct blessings, and it forced me to quickly develop my game to a much higher level as the larger scope of the problem emerged. In retrospect I did everything right, and that was barely enough. This was a life and death case.

          All is well.

          Buddhist spiritual doctor and pipe carrier of the Lakota Sioux

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